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QuickMap Online Newsletter November 2013

New high resolution Aerial Photography is now available in Quickmap covering 97% of New Zealand. This latest update significantly improves our coverage, to the point where it is now arguably the best national coverage available in New Zealand. more...

prover - dont guess it, prove it. Property information you can rely on.

We are excited with the developments of our new online system prover as it continues to evolve. prover delivers most of the property information available in Quickmap, and in fact, Quickmap is used as the mapping engine under the hood.

To date, we have been very selective in terms of who has been given access to prover, mainly because there has been quite a bit of interest in the product from our competitors. Although prover has completed the beta testing stage, and is being used by a number of clients to run their business, we have decided not to release prover until first thing next year, to give us enough time to finish Polishing the product. 

How to stop Google Earth zooming into the oblique view: 

  • Click on Tools, Options and Select the Navigation Tab

  • Make sure the button "Do not automatically tilt while zooming" is checked in this Tab.

Google Earth Historical Imagery

It is possible to view older imagery in Google Earth as sometimes the quality is better even though they are older. To view the older photos,

  • Click on View, Historical Imagery.

  • This will display a slider bar from which you can select the required year.

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