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QuickMap Newsletter September 2013

Our  new online system Prover is currently going through the final stages of beta testing, and is scheduled for release early October 2013.  Prover delivers most of the property information available in Quickmap, and also contains high resolution aerial photography for most of the country, with Marlborough and Canterbury being added later this month. 



High Resolution Aerial Photography

The new photography currently available in Prover will be made available in Quickmap late October 2013. To view the photography in your area, go to www.prover.co.nz/home/aerialpreview 

NZ Institute of Surveyors Annual Conference

Quickmap was pleased to be a sponsor of the recent Surveyors' conference. This conference coincided with the 50th Anniversary of the National School of Surveying, and had a very good turnout with a few hundred delegates attending. The highlight for us was catching up with many of our clients. 

Google Earth Tips

How to stop Google Earth zooming into the oblique view

Click on tools, Options and select the Navigation Tab. Make sure the button "Do not automatically tilt while zooming" is unchecked on this tab.





Google Earth Historical Imagery

It is possible to view older imagery in Google Earth as sometimes the quality is better even though they are older. To view the older photos, click on View, Historical Imagery. This will display a slider bar from which you can select the required year.



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