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Pre LandOnLine Survey and Title Plans


QuickMap Enterprise and SalesView provides the ability to search on Survey Plan, and obtain information on Survey Plans such as Land District, Survey Date, Certified Date, Registered Date and Plan description. Around 75% of bearings and distances displayed in QuickMap are survey accurate. Bearings are displayed in NZMG. The remaining non-survey accurate bearings and distances are derived from the LINZ DCDB data, which was created by digitising old record sheets, and hence are not survey accurate. 

The Survey Accurate bearings and distances are located inside the Survey Capture Area (SCA) Layer under the Boundary group. The SCA layer is added as part of the Boundaries expansion pack.

100% survey accuracy can be obtained by purchasing the Survey Plan expansion pack described below.. 



Access over 97% of the pre LandonLine Survey and Title Plans, also known as the pre-300,000 plan series ie Survey Plans with a number less than 300,000.

This data set contains more than 1.38 million raster including over 142,000 pre 1972 full colour images.

Get instant access to the original survey and title plans, any time, 24/7.


The plans are $300.00 + GST per Island, or $400.00 + GST for NZ, Additional licenses are $30.00 + GST per PC.

The plans are provided to you on a USB Hard Disk Drive. 

No per plan cost which can save you $15.00 per plan over solutions offered by other organisations.

View information that is only available on these plans eg Unit and Flat plan dimensions, covenant areas, easment locations,






  • Application Plans
  • Big Application Plans
  • Block Sheets
  • Deeds Registry Plans
  • Deposited Plans, including Unit and Flats Plans
  • Land Transfer Plans
  • Maori Land Plans
  • Old Land Claim Plans
  • Proclamation Plans
  • Rack Plans
  • Roll Plans
  • Survey Office Plans
  • Transfer Plans


QuickMap provides up-to-date Mapping and property information throughout New Zealand. 

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