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QuickMap® Version 7.5 Changes

The following enhancements and bug fixes are included in Version 7.5 of Quickmap®  released Dec-12

Quickmap® on the Mac  

Quickmap Version 7.5 is now supported for the Apple Mac, and has all the features available under Windows..  More...

Quickmap® Version 7.5 Salesview

The following major enhancments apply to Quickmap® Salesview. :

  • New interactive Sales Reports . More...

  • Search on sales based on building age and construction, More...

  • Add Road Polygons to Salesview CMA report. More...

  • Modify Salesview Sales form to display "Show custom dates" at the top

  • Add "Show last 18 months" as an option when specifying a date range for sales in Salesview

New Aerial Photography , Quickmap® Salesview and Enterprise

Around 60% of Quickmap's aerials have been updated. Quickmap still allows boundaries and other map data onto Google Earth giving you the best aerial coverage available in NZ. Update areas include Northland, Auckland, Wellington, Porirua and Christchurch (post earthquake).  more...

New Topo 50 Maps 

The Topo50 Maps have been updated as at June 12 and are higher resolution than those distributed previously.  More

Quickmap® Salesview and Enterprise Enhancements

  • Reporting out full address details against properties and your own information such asJob layers and selected areas.

  • Support for  Windows 8

  •   Change 'Virtual Earth' to Bing Maps

  • Create Valbiz icon to launch valbiz from Quickmap based on ValBiz.ini

  • Fix bug in dxf export that caused inport to fail sometimes if owner exported

  • Modify default setup so that user layers such as Edit Layer and My Photo's use local version rather than default to the network version.

  • Fix bug that caused some labels to display with non printable characters.

  • Add support for exporting wgs84, by exporting to 8 decimal places rather than 2.

  • Make deselect or clear button work the same as hitting the excape key

  • Copy Google earth %TEMP%/??.km; file name to the clipboard to help troubleshoot problems with Google Earth file association. This allows the file to be easily opened by pasting it into explorer.

  • Display appellation other legal descriptions on all parcels associated with titles such as unit and cross lease rather than just one where the title affects multiple parcels.

  •  Fix bug when copying objects from one layer to another so that the assigned target gp is preserved.

  • Report correct number of found objects after a search. 

  • Fix bug that prevented the creation of a new layer in a new database.

  • Modify photo layers so they only  display at sensible scales, rather than any scale. System administrators can still force the display of all photos when the photo layer is clicked on by creating a file called "showphotos.txt" in the data directory. This option should not normally be required.

  • Remove 3D button from toolbar. 3D now only possible via the tools menu.

  • Simplify the registration of Quickmap when running an a Citrix farm by storing the registration options in the system folder rather than each users individual registry settings.

  • Add Clipboard to print preview button to allow the preview to be easily copied into other applications such as Paint or Word.

  • Disable buttons when Register Online button is clicked.

  • Allow support for drawing coordinates that are stored in other coordinate systems such as NZTM. 

  • Fix bug that caused NZTM images to draw in the wrong place when the photo layer is drawn for the first time. i.e. Avoid having to refresh the map to see the photos in their correct location.

  • Fix bug Fix Inbrowser error. "(Method '~' of object '~' failed) in procedure ShowInwebBrowser of Module modCommon. caused by Firewall blocking Info window briefly, causing it to time out.

  • Add warning that dimensions may not be survey accurate when the use clicks on bearings or distances.

  • Add Geodetic layers for 4th and 5th Order marks