Title, Parcel & Owner Data

The detailed property report can be viewed after searching by address, title, legal description, owner or selecting the parcel off the map using your mouse. The example below shows information displayed on this form, from which additional information can be obtained by clicking the icon or underlined hyperlink;

  • Title(s) – Displays a preview of the title (free)
  •  Appellation survey plan icon – displays the survey plan if the Survey Plan expansion pack has been purchased.
  • Valuation Reference No. – Displays information maintained by the council such as bedrooms, house floor area, zoning etc, if the Salesview expansion pack has been purchased.


Property data is sourced from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), who are the authoritive source for title, owner and survey information throughout New Zealand.


Bearings and Distances around the parcels are in NZMG coordinate system, and are close to survey accurate around 75% of the time. Survey Accurate bearings and distances are available with the Surveyview expansion pack, and/or Survey Plans.

Title Preview

Title Preview is a snapshot of title information, updated weekly. There is no charge for viewing a preview of the title, which will save you time and money because there is no charge, it can be viewed instantly, and you only need to order a copy of the title when it is required for legal purposes.  Title preview is unique to Quickmap, and Custom Software’s online products Prover and PropertySmarts.

Title Preview also allows you to view historic titles, and other legal documents included in the memorials of the title such as Mortgages, caveats, transfer documents etc can be ordered using Quickmaps document ordering system by clicking on the hyperlink that appears in the title memorials to these documents.