Topographical map layers

Topographic vector data based on the LINZ 1:50,000 topographic map series is included with Quickmap Enterprise.

This data includes contour, vegetation, water area, river, fence, river centreline, places and features, names, Airport, Highway, Sealed road 1 land, sealed road 2 lane, sealed road 4 lane, metalled road, un-metalled road, track, tunnel, bridge, railway, and Residential outlines.

All data, including the 20m contours can be exported in DXF, SHP, TAB, MIF, WKT, DGN and GML for loading into other cad and GIS packages. 

All topographical features include attribute data (e.g. Schub, forest, swamp etc) which can assist in determining land use. 

The 1:50,000 topographical raster maps are included in the Quickmap Aerial Imagery Expansion Pack.