Quickmap Enterprise

Quickmap VerifiedQuickmap Enterprise is a desktop Geographical Information System (GIS), bundled with a comprehensive New Zealand wide property database updated regularly. It delivers easy access to up-to-date Titles, Sales, Aerial Photographs, Survey and topographic data and much more.

An all-in-one solution for progressive businesses working with property data.

Quickmap Enterprise Features

  • The Dataset (Verified) – Quickmap comes bundled with up-to-date property information, sourced from many providers (LINZ, Councils, Government Departments etc) giving you easy access to a comprehensive source of up-to-date property data at your fingertips. Free title preview is updated weekly, and is unique to Custom Software’s products Quickmap, Prover and PropertySmarts
  • Help and Support – Our staff take pride in providing timely, friendly, helpful Customer Support. Read what our clients say about our support
  • Document Ordering – Order Copies of Legal Documents such as Guaranteed Titles and Survey Plans
  • Reports – All property information in Quickmap, including data you have added yourself can be analysed and reported in more ways than we could list, using the powerful GIS capability of Quickmap. This GIS reporting functionality means you to answer questions others may not even have thought of yet. 
  • Map Editor – Powerful map editing capability. Add your own text, images, lines or areas, change fonts, colours, line styles, shading etc to  create a map that shows only the information you want, displayed in a way that is customised to meet your requirements. 
  • Add Layers & Searches – Add your own layers and Search menus to Quickmap. 
  • Google – Paste google photos into Quickmap or Overlay Quickmap in Google
  • Search – Finding your property in Quickmap couldn’t be easier. Click on the Find button to search Address, Appellation, Owner, Place Name, Title, Land use, Valuation reference, Survey Plan, schools, Electoral boundaries Councils etc or any data you have added to Quickmap..
  • Export/Import – A wide range of CAD and GIS vector and raster formats such as SHP, DGN, MIF, TAB, DXF, Well Known Text, ECW, JPG, PNG and more are supported for importing and exporting to/from Quickmap. You can even import all data contained in a text file, spreadsheet or database table if it has a simple x/y coordinate and/or address.
  • Measure distances or areas quickly and easily using the measure tool. You can automatically latch onto any existing lines or points in Quickmap if you require accurate measurement. 
  • GPS – Use live tracking to save your location directly into Quickmap, or Upload/Download waypoints, tracks and routes from your GPS unit. Transfer Maps from Quickmap to your GPS unit for truly mobile mapping, and upload new tracks into Quickmap when you get back into the office. 
  • Printing – Legends, title, scale bar and text can be added automatically for printouts. High quality and professional looking printouts are easy to achieve in Quickmap. 

Limitation of liability:
All data made available by Custom Software is sourced from 3rd parties, and Custom Software accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Custom Software gives no warranty of any kind regarding the data.