Salesview Data

The Quickmap® Salesview expansion pack data provides historic council property sales dating back to 1982, or further for some councils. This sales data includes all types of properties such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farming etc. Current Council district valuation roll (DVR) data is included for with properties, whether they sold or not, and each sale includes a snapshot of the DVR record as it existed at the time of sale. 

The rateable value (RV), which is the value set by the local authority or council in order to determine rates for a property is part of the DVR record, and included with Quickmap® Enterprise by default, and all other DVR data is provided with the Salesview expansion pack. Legal,parcel and other details that form part of Quickmap® Enterprise are integrated into reports generated from Quickmap® Salesview. 

Council sales data is provided by Headway Systems and updated monthly. 

For more detailed analysis, you can also browse maps, graphs, photos or run the reports individually.

Click on the sample report image below for an example of the sales and DVR data that can be included in a Salesview report.