QuickMap Enterprise Geocoding Engine

QuickMap Enterprise comes with a geocoding engine that allows you to import your properties into QuickMap without a coordinate, by matching it against QuickMap’s street address.

Automatic Geocoding

The import wizard will ask you which columns contain your house number, road name and locality/suburb, then automatically match your data against the QuickMap address database. This process will generate an x/y coordinate which allows your data to be displayed in a separate layer within QuickMap.

Any addresses that could not be matched are added to a list which you can work through to manually geocode the remaining unmatched records. The tool allows you to search by road name, then zoom/pan about until you can see the property. QuickMap allows you to digitise the property after you have located it, then the property is removed from the unmatched list.

Authoritive Up-to-date Road Coverage

QuickMap Enterprise is bundled with data sourced from official government maintained databases, to produce quality, high resolution nationwide road maps, that also go right down to street level. In addition, QuickMap contains detailed property, road and geographical information to provide the user with more detail than most other mapping products available on the market.

Road data is regularly updated directly from government sources, which means if the street or road has been mapped by government it is on QuickMap. These updates provide you with the most up to date available.

QuickSearch Address Checker

Using an address database of over 1.3m addresses and over 50,000 street names you can nearly pinpoint all the addresses in New Zealand. Just start to type in an address or street name and then choose from an interactive list of possibilities. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to spell the street name QuickSearch will sort this out for you. The program then displays the location of the address on the map.

Users also have access to a map feature gazetteer containing all the definitive names that appear on the NZTopo (1:50 000 scale) maps. This gazetteer contains thousand of place names and thousand other physical land uses.