Quickmap Map Editor

Map Building: Just click the add button to Add, edit or copy any map feature. Easy to use and powerful editing tools allow you to trace along natural boundaries and automatically snap onto existing points, lines or polygons to accurately place your feature. Change colours, patterns, fonts, add your own photos and edit data directly in your own database, spreadsheet or text file.

Map Building

Place points, lines,text, labels with the mouse, coordinate entry, or bearing and distance input.

Highlight or Copy

Parcels or any feature can easily be highlighted using the info tool. Copying this to your own layer is a simple as clicking the “Add” button followed by “Save”.

Trace or Latch

Placing point, lines and areas in the correct place is easy with the latch button. Hold down the shift key to trace along boundaries.

View in 3D

View any map you have built in 3D. Turn on the layers you want to see and click the 3D button.

Images and documents

Add your own photos, word document, web page  etc using QuickMap’s hyperlink support.  QuickMap will run any application you choose to open the document with.

Database support

QuickMap can read your data directly from a database, spreadsheet or text file. Just add the columns you want displayed and/or edited.

Add your own Air Photos

If you have your own Air Photos or plans, you can add these to QuickMap.


You can change the way anything looks on the map using the Symbology edit. Change fonts, colour, line styles, patterns, shading, size and  transparency.