QuickMap Mortgage View

QuickMap Mortgage View has been written with mortgage brokers and financial organisations in mind.  Ideal for targeted marketing and mortgage analysis activities.The product helps identify people you should contact to offer a better mortgage or lease option. QuickMap Mortgage View will filter out people who do not need your services.  There are several products on the market that show Mortgage information, but QuickMap Mortgage View’s strength lies in the fact that it offers tools to filter unwanted properties on mass, enabling you to easily and effectively target your market.

With QuickMap Mortgage View, you can report mortgages that have have been lodged within a timeframe you specify, which enables you to identify people that would probably benefit from your services.

QuickMap Mortgage View is unique, and as such provides a unique opportunity to significantly increase your profits by Identifying who you should contact, and when to contact them. You define custom areas and generate mortgage reports that eliminate people who will never be interested in your services, because they either do not have a mortgage, or do not intend to refix their existing mortgage in the near future. Just one new client is all you need to pay for QuickMap Mortgage View, but we expect you to do much better than that!

QuickMap Mortgage View will enable you to:

  • See the market share between financial institutions in the area
  • Calculate the percentage of properties in an area which have a mortgage
  • Identify who has borrowed with other lenders
  • Identify the spatial distribution of mortgages among leading financial institutions
  • Identify the rateable value, title, owner, legal description and address of all properties

Many people have merged their own client data with QuickMap Mortgage View. This allows you to search and view your own data overlaid with QuickMap, and analyse the combined data. Adding layers and search items into QuickMap for your own data is easy, but if you get stuck, our support staff are more than happy to talk you through it.Contact us to find out how to purchase QuickMap Mortgage View.