Quickmap Title Match

Title and Owner details in Quickmap are sourced from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). LINZ have matched most titles to a parcel, which means the title can be drawn on the map. Where LINZ have not managed to match a title to its parcel, Quickmap has improved the match, but there are still a small number of titles that are not linked to a parcel.

Quickmap allows you to report on the missing titles and owners despite the fact they cannot be drawn on the map. If you do not know the title or owner, and it is not displayed on the map, you can use the Quickmap wild card search facility on the legal description, owner or title to track it down. The Survey Plan expansion pack also provides help in locating missing titles.

Locating Unmatched Parcels

This section describes finding title for parcels missing from the map.
If you know the owner’s name, you should start with a wild card search on their name.

The following example assumes you do not know who owns the property, and the map appears as follows:

Click the find button, and then click the Appellation tab within the find form. Tick the Use Secondary Index to Display Ungeocoded Records check box. This tells Quickmap to search title legal descriptions. The title legal description will be different to the Survey System’s legal description shown on the map.

Click the Wild Card Search button to bring up the Wild Card Search box. Untick the Search Geocoded check box to speed up the search. Make sure the Search Records not Geocoded by LINZ check box is ticked. What to search is best described by some worked examples.

Type *Mangatoro* into the search field, and click the Search button. Highlight the nearest match to the legal description shown on the map, then click the Find button.

This will display the following report:

Appellation Land District Title Owner(s)
SECT 4 Mangatoro SD Hawke’s Bay HBM3/840 Joe Bloggs

Look at the title HBM3/840 to confirm if this is the correct parcel. The legal description shown on the map is a part section, which means Section 4 has been split into 2 or more parts. Look at the title to determine if this is the correct part. If not, search again using the plan reference.


This will locate parcels that have been entered into the title system using the simplified legal description format. Simplified Legal Descriptions were introduced in 1992, and take one of these formats:

  1. Lot <number> DP <number>
  2. Section <number> SO <number>
  3. Section <number> Block <number> <Survey District> Survey District

Plan numbers are in the Survey Plan (Nth) Layer. Make this layer visible using the layer control tool. If the survey plans are too small to read, you can also increase the font size.

The plan reference search returns SECT 4 SO 1882 in this example, which may also be the correct record.

Flat Plans and Area Units

Some Flat Plans and Area Units do not appear on the Map. Even where they are shown on the map, the boundary of the actual area unit or flat is not shown. 

For example, if you search on title NA132D/952, Quickmap will display the report

This will display the following report:

Appellation Land District Title Owner(s)
AU 47 DP 204299 North Auckland NA132D/952 Joe Bloggs

In Quickmap, you then search on Survey Plan DP 204299 which will display the lot shown below:

To see the boundaries of AU 47 requires the Survey Plan Expansion Pack which will allow you to view DP 204299.