Quickmap Verified Data

Quickmap Verified

Quickmap® data is verified to make it the most reliable source of property information in New Zealand.


Where does QuickMap® data come from?

The main source of Data in Quickmap® is the Department of Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), Local Authorities, Headway Systems, Department of Statistics,  Ministry of Education and various online systems.

How is the data Verified?

We match similar data from multiple sources to isolate and correct irregularities.

Different organisations record information at different stages in the life of a property, and by cross matching their data, we have been able to identify potential errors, and correct them.

Missing information can be worse than incorrect information sometimes, because you may not be aware something is missing. Where information such as “Who owns this property” is missing, we normally complete the picture. 

How reliable is the Verified Quickmap® data?

We believe Quickmap® data is the most reliable source of Property Information in New Zealand. We cannot gauranteee the data is correct, because it is not our data. We are confident however, that the data we provide is the most likely to be the correct when compared to any other provider.

If you find an error in the data, we are keen to hear about it. Please email us or phone toll free on 0800 145 554 with any suspected errors. We will either correct this ourselves, or forward it onto the applicable agency responsible for maintaining that data.