Survey Capture Areas (SCA)

This layer in QuickMap® will give you a clue as to how reliable parcel bearings and distances are within QuickMap. Parcels inside the SCA boundaries will more often than not be survey accurate or close to it, because the parcel boundaries inside the SCA have been captured directly off Survey Plans.

Between 2000 and 2003, Land Information New Zealand used QuickMap to capture Survey Data directly off Survey Plans for over 1.4 million parcels. This $147 million dollar project formed the basis of LandOnLine, and all Survey Plans lodged into LandOnLine since September 2007 are lodged digitally, and are therefore Survey Accurate. Land Information New Zealand is the authoritive source for Survey Data in New Zealand, and this information forms the basis of data in QuickMap®.

Over 75% of parcels in New Zealand are Survey Accurate. Full details on the accuracy of each parcel and survey mark is available in Survey View.

You should consult a Surveyor if you require certainty regarding the accuracy of parcel dimensions.