Cannot Install Quickmap Data – Cannot Determine The Quickmap Data Directory Location

When trying to install Quickmap Data, you may get this error:

Cannot Install Quickmap Data

Quickmap data upgrade cannot be run on a machine that
does not already have Quickmap installed. Use QSetup.exe to
install Quickmap before attempting to upgrade data.

[Cannot determine the Quickmap data directory location]

This is because Quickmap Data Setup checks the registry to see where the data is installed, and if the registry doesn’t show the data directory location, it doesn’t know where to install the data to.

To fix this, either install Quickmap by running QSetup.exe from the data location  (it’s not necessary to register Quickmap) or add the following registry key/value (experimental):

Name: DataDir

Location: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Custom Software\Quickmap\Config\

Type: String Value

Data Value: C:\Quickmap\Data\ (or other data directory location)

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