Cannot Start Data Update At This Time. A Data Update Is Already In Progress

When trying to download updates to the data using the Quickmap Data Download Manager, you may get this error:

Cannot start data update at this time. A data update is already in progress.

This is most likely because you are using an old version of the Quickmap Data Download Manager and Quickmap is trying to send updates via newer protocols, which are not supported by the old Quickmap Data Download Manager.

To fix this, install the latest version of the Quickmap Data Download Manager.

If you are already running the latest Quickmap Data Download Manager, it might be that you need to re-register it, by clicking on under “Download Source” and re-entering your QDDM registration key (which is different from your Quickmap registration key).

If that fails, please confirm that you are in fact not already running an update, either on this computer or another. Additionally, please confirm that there’s not a qmap.lck file in the data directory (which is put there to force everyone out of Quickmap while an update is happening). If such a file exists, confirm that no one is updating Quickmap then delete the file.

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