Can’t Find Added Features In Find Menu

The logic that QuickMap uses to draw the “Find” results is:

  1. Search for the data.
  2. If the selected data is not within view, pan to the new location.
  3. If the selected results cannot fit on the screen at the current scale, zoom out to make them fit
  4. Draw the selected label as the inverse of the current screen text. If there is no label, then show a rectangle in the inverse colour.

I would have expected the selected results to be visible in every case. To make sure they are not simply being obscured by other map data, you could try clicking the OFF button so that the “Find” results are the only thing displayed. Find results are made invisible by selecting “Deselect” off the right mouse button popup menu, and are not affected by the “Off” button.

If you cannot see the features selected by Find even after you click on the OFF button, then perhaps you have duplicates in your data. If there is duplicate data, then drawing the feature in the inverse colour twice will effectively make it invisible.

As far as zooming to the result is concerned. If you zoom in before selecting Find, then it is easier to see your result when QuickMap pans you to the correct area.

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