Class Not Registered

Under certain circumstances, you may get the following error when starting Quickmap:

Class not registered.

This is due to a fault with ADO on your computer. While Quickmap doesn’t install or otherwise change / amend ADO, it does use these built-in components of Windows to connect to its databases (which is the purpose of ADO). It is possible in rare circumstances for these ADO components to become corrupt, possibly due to interference from an antivirus program, or more likely another program that you have installed which makes changes to ADO.

As this is a fault with the computer operating system and not Quickmap, there is no Quickmap fix available, and you may need to reinstall your operating system to fix the error. We recommend reinstalling Quickmap immediately after reinstalling the operating system to confirm it works before installing any other software, then testing Quickmap after installing each other piece of software to help work out which offending piece of software is breaking Windows ADO components.

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