Could Not Use ‘ ‘; File Already In Use

When you run Quickmap, you get this error:

Could not use ‘ ‘; file already in use

This is because QuickMap has attempted to open a Microsoft Access database which is already open in exclusive mode. This can happen when quickmap has been setup in a network environment, where several PC’s are reading the QuickMap data (maps) off one central shared network drive. If one client can write to the shared network drive, and another client cannot, then the client who cannot write to the drive will get this error. 

By default, the Microsoft Jet engine used by QuickMap will create LDB files such as qmap.LDB in the data folder, which access uses to control multiple users to a database. If this file exists, then the Microsoft Jet engine knows that someone has the database open. If you try to open this database, but are prevented from updating qmap.LDB because the network share is read only, then the Jet Engine treats the database as being open in exclusive mode.

The solution is  to either:

  • Make the quickmap folder read only for everyone so that no one can create the ldb file. OR
  • Make the quickmap folder read/write to everyone so that everyone can write to the LDB file
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