Download Queued – QSetup.exe or QDownload.exe Stuck On Download Queued

When trying to install Quickmap or update the data, after starting the download, the installer gets stuck on “Queued”.

This happens because the download is queued, probably behind Windows Update downloads.

This can also happen if you accidentally launched the program twice (if you hover the mouse over the program in the task bar, you may see two windows stacked on top of each other, which indicates that more than one version is running). In this instance, one program’s download is queued behind the first.

To fix this, complete all remaining Windows Update downloads, then the Quickmap download should be able to continue.

More Information: Windows Update and the Quickmap download process both use the BITS service to perform the download. This is because BITS allows a download to be interrupted and continue at a later date from where it left off, without having to restart the download.

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