Failed To Restart Quickmap Licensing Service

When starting Quickmap, you may get this error:

Quickmap: Unexpected Error Encountered

Failed to restart Quickmap Licensing Service.

This is probably because you are using an old version of Quickmap that has a bug, which is fixed in the most recent version of Quickmap.

If updating Quickmap doesn’t fix the issue, it may be that you have a firewall blocking traffic to the Quickmap License Service.

Finally, it may be that you can simply restart the Quickmap License Service from the Windows Services Console, which can be accessed by typing “services.msc” into your Windows Menu (AKA Start Menu), then find the Quickmap Licensing Service, right click it and restart it. If the option to restart it is greyed out, try running the Windows Services Console as Administrator (right click the icon to launch the console and click “Run as administrator”).

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