Happy New Year From Quickmap

We hope you had a good break over Christmas, and like us, are looking forward to 2018. Custom Software was busy in 2017 enhancing Quickmap, and we are excited to be in a position to release a new version of Quickmap this year. Here are a few of the things you can expect from us in 2018:

New Quickmap Release (Coming Soon)

This new release will look and feel very similar to your current version, but has some major changes under the hood. We have made this investment in Quickmap to ensure continued support and development, while securing compatibility with future technologies. Some of the enhancements this new release will enable us to deliver, include:

  • Automatic data updates. This will give the option to automatically update Quickmap data online, in a similar fashion to most antivirus software. You will no longer need to manually download data updates, or run setup.exe off a CD-ROM to get the latest data. This will all happen seamlessly in the background, and you will no longer have to waste any of your valuable time performing this task.
  • Quickmap will generally have a newer and fresher look without changing how Quickmap works. We have done this to ensure no retraining will be required with the new version.
  • This release will have better support for terminal server environments.
  • A number of other minor enhancements and bug fixes will be included in this release.

New Quickmap website

Our new website will make it easier for you to find answers to any questions you may have on how to use Quickmap or troubleshoot problems.

Additional Quickmap layers such as land use, up-to-date school zones and building footprints will be made available for free download.

We will keep you posted as to when these enhancements will be available, which at this stage is probably around the second quarter of the year.

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