How Reliable Are The Title And Owner Details In QuickMap?

If you want to be absolutely certain about title and owner details, then you should obtain a copy of the title. In some cases it may also be necessary to view a copy of the Survey Plan. QuickMap is an index to survey and title information only, and you should check the authorative datasource (title and survey plan) where you require certainty.

Title and Survey Information in QuickMap is sourced from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), and up until around the year 2000, LINZ maintained Title and Survey information as two completely seperate systems. This was because they were previously two seperate Govt departments. When they linked the two systems together, there were situations where the title and owner would not link with the survey plan. There are even situations (although rare) where title and owner were linked with the wrong survey parcel.

For information on the accuracy title and owner detailss, see our information about Quickmap’s Title Matching system.

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