How To Add Aerial Photos To Quickmap

❗ Note: Quickmap sells high quality aerial photos across New Zealand. Quickmap’s aerial photography is inexpensive, georeferenced and installable with a couple of clicks of a button.

However, it is possible to add your own aerial photos to Quickmap. This can be done by simply dragging and dropping the photos or pasting them from the clipboard.

Method 1: Drag/Drop

Files added by drag/drop must be ECW format orthorectivied photos in NZMG coordinate system. If your files are not currently ECW format, they can be converted using free software such as compression software from ERMapper or download their compressor from this website. Once converted, the files can be dragged and dropped into QuickMap.

Method 2: Paste from Clipboard

Any georeferenced or ungeoreferenced image can be pasted into Quickmap off the clipboard.

Photos pasted in from Google Earth can be automatically scaled, rotated and moved into the correct location by QuickMap.

Below are detailed instructions for saving Google Earth images into Quickmap:

Navigate to position wanted in Quickmap
View Map in Google Earth
Edit – copy image from Google Earth (then minimize the Google Earth window)
Control V in Quickmap > Click on My Photos

To match the Google Earth image with Quickmap:
place cursor on any corner and get it to change to a diagonal cursor to resize
Use the panning cursor to move, without changing the size
Use the image rotation arrow if any rotation is required

Once you are happy (and this can be a bit fiddly), click save and this will now be in the custom > My photos layer within Quickmap

If the result is not good enough, you will need to delete it from Custom > My Photos and start again at 1. Edit – copy image in Google Earth

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