How To Change The Quickmap Data Directory

To change the Quickmap data directory to another location, either run QUtility.exe (found in \\QMap\Utility\) and browse to the new data directory location.

Alternatively you can change the value of the following registry key:

(Quickmap Version 8)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Custom Software\Quickmap\Config\DataDir

(Quickmap Version 7)

❗ Note: This will have to be done on every client running Quickmap.

Some Quickmap users prefer to map their data directory to a network share, so that if they need to change the location of the data directory, they can simply update the network share.

In Quickmap Version 8.2 or better the data directory can be changed by running Quickmap and selecting Tools->Diagnose/Repair->Change Data Directory off the menu.

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