How To Create A Support Log

Occasionally we may ask you to create a Support Log. The support log provides our support people with all the information required to fix the problem such as error messages, install logs, and a listing of QuickMap files installed.

To generate a Support Log run QuickMap and select “Support Log” from the “Help” menu, and email it to us. The email address is printed at the top of the log file.

Alternatively if QuickMap will not even run, you can generate the support log by running QUtility.exe. This executable is located on disk 2 in the Utility folder.

To create the log file you:

  1. Put QuickMap disk 2 into the CD-ROM.
  2. Run QUtility from the Utility folder. e.g. If your CD-ROM is D then Click Start -> Run and type D:\Utility\QUtility.exe
  3. When the QUtility program is running, click on the System Info button. The output is displayed in notepad which you can copy and paste into your email program. Alternatively, after running QUtility you can attach the file C:/QMapsysinfo.txt to the email.
  4. Email the output to the email address printed at the top of the log file.

There is also a copy of QUtility.exe copied into the Utility folder where QuickMap is installed. e.g.


You can use this version as well if you find that more convenient.

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