How To Download Quickmap Data From A Local Server

To save on internet traffic and cost, it’s possible to update multiple PCs from a computer that has downloaded the Quickmap Data using the Quickmap Data Download Manager (QDDM).

To do this, install the QDDM on the first computer and set it up to download the data from the internet ( After downloading the data, set up an Inbound firewall rule allowing TCP port 8177.

On other computers install the QDDM and select Local Server as the Download Source. Enter the full PC name and leave the port as 8177. Click OK and that’s it!

Troubleshooting Quickmap Data Download Manager From A Local Server

If it doesn’t work, please ensure that the computer can be pinged using the name you specified. Also ensure that the port isn’t in use and that the QDDM is functional (and the service is running) on the target computer. Try to telenet from one computer to the other over the specified port – perhaps there are firewalls or antivirus stopping the traffic?.

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