How To Export Observations Between Two Marks

If you want to export observations between two marks that are 32km apart from Landonline to load into 12D, you can’t because of size limitations within Landonline. This is because the LandXML export is just too big for Landonline. you can get around this by using Quickmap SurveyView, which is currently the only other system in New Zealand capable of providing this data.

When exporting observations between two marks in Quickmap, we suggest that you draw a line between the two marks, so that you can visually see which observations overlap your drawn line. You can also compare the drawn lines grapahical distance with the observed distance to confirm they are both approximately the same.

Here is how you do that in more detail:

  1. Find mark  Whangaparaoa GPS by clicking the find Find button, Click the Mark Name Nth Tab, type Whangaparaoa GPS followed by the enter key.
  2. Save this mark in the Edit Layer by right mouse click on the map, and choose “Copy Selected Objects to..” off the popup menu. Choose Edit Layer from the resulting list. Do the same for the other mark CD 38. You should now have two marks drawn on the map that will make it easier for you to work out where to place your line.
  3. Create a line between the two marks, by clicking the Add button. When the QuickMap Add/Edit form is displayed, choose feature type “Line”, then place a point over the mark.
  4. Zoom to the other mark by using the – key to zoom out, arrow keys to pan, and + key to zoom in. When you get to a scale of around 1:200, place a point over the other mark, then select Save off the QuickMap Add/Edit form.
  5. You should now have a line drawn between the two marks. Turn on the Vector (All) layer under the Survey group  by ticking the layer visibility check box in the layer control window, then zoom in until the only vectors / observations visible are the ones you are interested in.
  6. After you have zoomed in, click on the line using the Info tool to display an observation. Each observation is displayed as a hyperlink as per circled below, and you can view information about each observation by clicking on each of the hyperlinks. To export all the vectors in view, select Export off the File menu.

Note that if more than one line was visible on the screen when you use the info tool, then this line may also appear in the list circled above. In this case, you can establish whether or not it is an observation you are interested in by what is highlighted on the map, and by checking the distance.

If there is an associated plan with the vector, the plan number will be displayed as a hyperlink in the info window. In the example above, no plan number is displayed, which means there is no associated plan in Landonline.

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