How To Hide Or Show The Quickmap Search (Find) Window On Startup

It’s possible to hide or show the Quickmap search (Find) window each time Quickmap starts up. With a little scripting, you can even specify what appears in the search (Find) window (such as a default address or default search tab).

To show or hide the Quickmap search window, click the Find button, then tick or untick the box that says “Show this Search Form when Quickmap starts”.

To do this via the registry, navigate to this location: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Custom Software\QMap\Search\ShowOnStartUp and change the boolean value.

With a little scripting (such as a batch file that is used to start Quickmap after running a reg file or other method to change the registry), it’s possible to start Quickmap with different values in the Search / Find window.

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