How To Install Quickmap On A Non Persistent VDI

This article needs to be updated – please contact Quickmap for more up-to-date information (An updated version of the registration service is planned under development at the time of writing this article).

This article covers the specifics of making the Quickmap licensing work in a non persistent VDI environment, rather than the installation of Quickmap itself (as this is documented extensively elsewhere). The specifics of the setup within the VDI and other third party / non Quickmap environments (such as Active Directory) are also beyond the scope of this article.

The problem with Quickmap running on a non persistent VDI is that the users are required to register each time they log on, even if Quickmap was already registered in the gold image. This is because when you register Quickmap in your VDI gold image, Quickmap encrypts the computer name as part of the security, so when you start a VDI computer with a new name, Quickmap requires the user to re-register.

There are a few ways to fix this, but we recommend that you insert a registry string value named LicenseKey containing your license key in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\QuickMap\Config, then create a file called autoregister.lic in your Quickmap data directory. When a user logs onto a VDI and starts Quickmap, Quickmap will recognise the autoregister.lic file and know to not prompt the user for registration, using the license key from the registry string value you specified.

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