How To Report Data Within A Defined Area

Did you know that you can draw a shape in Quickmap, then get a report of any data from within the area in the shape you just drew? To report any type of data within a defined area in Quickmap:

  1. Click File -> New Layer
  2. Fill in the form and click Add Layer
  3. Turn on the layers you wish to report, at the scale you want to define the area to report in
  4. Right click the map and click Select by Shape
  5. Click the points on the map to draw a shape, from which to report the area within. Hold Shift and click, to finish drawing
  6. Select the layer(s) that you want to report
  7. Right click the selected polygon on the map and click Copy Selected Objects to…
  8. Select the layer you created in step 1
  9. Press Ctrl+R and fill in the form
    In section 1, you should select the layer that contains something you want to report on.
    In section 3, you should choose “Select records from” and select the layer you created in step 1
  10. Click Run Report
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