How To Set Up Data Download Manager To Download From A Local Server

Did you know that it’s possible to set the Quickmap Data Download Manager to automatically update a computer from another local computer? This saves you from downloading Quickmap updates from the internet from each computer – instead, only one computer needs to download the data from the internet, the other computers then get the update from that computer.

To set up Data Download Manager to download from another computer, open Data Download Manager, click Local Server (which is under the Download Source section), enter the name of the computer from which to get the downloads from and click OK.

Troubleshooting The Data Download Manager Via A Local Server

If (when you click Download Now) it doesn’t work, this could be because there’s a firewall (possibly Windows Defender Firewall) that’s blocking the port (The default is 8177).

Alternatively, the port might already be in use on either the upstream or downstream machine. Try changing the port on each computer to another set of machine port numbers and try again. To change the port number, click Local Server in the Quickmap Data Download Manager and change the port number.

Finally, try specifying the FQDN as the local server name and try the usual stuff (ensure the Local Server is powered on, check it’s not being blocked by antivirus, try restarting the computers, etc.).

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