How To Silently Install Quickmap

The Quickmap installer comes in 2 flavours, a full install and a client only install. The Quickmap full install can be used to install the data and the client or just the client or just the data. All of which can be used to make a silent install. To make a silent Quickmap install, you need to understand a little about the architecture of Quickmap because there are some design decisions to make. Have a read up on the Quickmap installation, but for a quick reference, to install Quickmap silently:

  1. Install the Quickmap data
  2. Run QSetup.exe from within the folder containing the data directory (QSetup.exe is created by the data install process). Using the “-quiet -passive” parameters in the command line makes the install of the client silent

If you’re installing Quickmap with data on the same PC or can’t run QSetup.exe from the data directory, here’s the switch for the data location:

QSetup.exe -quiet -passive DataDir=C:\QDataOverride

Alternatively, you could manipulate the registry key containing the data location before running QSetup.exe with the -quiet -passive parameters. The relevant registry location is here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Custom Software\Quickmap\Config\DataDir

As you can see, the Quickmap silent installation has a little complexity to it, so it’s worth reading the Quickmap installation article. It’s also worth noting both the -quiet and -passive parameters are required in that order, to make the install quiet. While traditionally a quiet installation would be one that has no GUI and a passive installation would be one where the user does not or cannot change the values in the installation GUI, this is not the case with the Quickmap install.

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