How To Uninstall Quickmap 7

To uninstall Quickmap 7, run Programs and Features (called Add/Remove Programs in older versions of Windows) from the Windows Control Panel. Select the version of Quickmap you wish to uninstall from the list (if you have installed Quickmap 8, Quickmap 7 will appear as Quickmap Original). Click the Uninstall button and follow through the prompts.

❗ IMPORTANT! There are a few things to be aware of when uninstalling Quickmap:

  • If you tick the option to Remove Data Folder and other users are using this data, they will no longer have access to the data. For example, if the data folder resides on a network shared location and other installations of Quickmap on other computer use this same data folder, uninstalling the data on this computer will uninstall the data for all users!
  • Quickmap 7 and Quickmap 8 share the same data, so uninstalling the data in Quickmap 7 also uninstalls the data from Quickmap 8.
  • If your data folder is located in a sub folder of the Program folder, and you choose the option to Remove Program Folder, this will also remove all sub folders (including your data folder).
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