HTTP Could Not Register URL QLicensingService Because TCP Port 80 Is Being Used By Another Application

You may find that the error HTTP cfould not register URL http://+:80/QLicensingService/ because TCP port 80 is being used by another application is preventing Quickmap from contacting the Licensing Service, which prevents Quickmap from starting.

This error occurs because there is another application on the computer which uses port 80, so it’s not available to Quickmap. Most likely this is a web server such as IIS, Apache (httpd) or a software with a web server component, such as the ApacheOSGeo4WWebServer service (Apache / httpd) from OSGeo. To find out which application is using port 80, open a command prompt and run the following command:

netstat -aon

This will give you a list of applications that are currently communicating or listening for communication over one or more ports. One of these will have an IP address with a colon followed by “80”, for example:

Make note of the PID for that particular row. Then run the following command:


Then try to find the name of the application that has the PID you made note of earlier. The application with the corresponding PID is the application that uses port 80 and is preventing Quickmap from communicating with the Licensing Server.

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