InvalidArgument=Value Of ‘0’ Is Not Valid For ‘SelectedIndex’

When starting Quickmap (specifically when the report dialog opens), you may get this error:

InvalidArgument=Value of ‘0’ is not valid for ‘SelectedIndex’.
Parameter name: SelectedIndex.

This occurs because Quickmap did/does not have access to the directory containing the layers that populate the “Report Records from Layer” dropdown box. More specifically, as there are no layers, the error occurs when Quickmap tries to select the first item in the empty dropdown box.

To fix this, check that you can navigate to, and open the mdb file(s) containing your layer information. It’s possible that either you don’t have permission to access the file, a firewall/antivirus may be blocking the file, or you have the file stored on a network drive that has become disconnected (check that your network drive doesn’t have a red cross on it before you open it).

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