Issues Importing Data From Excel For Geocoding

Excel applies a data type to the column (text, number etc.) that cannot be modified when importing into Access. This means that you end up with columns that are defined by Access as numbers, but should actually be text as they contain text data. Best thing to do is to save your Excel spreadsheet as a text file and always import a text file. That way you will avoid any data type problems, as when you start out all your data is text.

Be careful to get your data types correct when importing data into Access. Access only looks at the first few records of the data you are importing and then automatically assigns a data type for the column, normally it gets this wrong, especially when importing house_no which often contain text suffixes.

While Access will let you use column names with spaces in them, it actually doesn’t like it and can cause many problems. As a rule NEVER use spaces, numbers, system keys or symbols as or in column names.

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