July 2020 Update

The latest Quickmap Version 8.3.7491 is freely available for download from:


We are constantly improving Quickmap, with significant improvements being added every month. If you are not running the latest version, we recommend you upgrade now.

You can view features added to Quickmap at http://www.quickmap.co.nz/whats-new-in-quickmap-version-8/index.html. In June 2019, we added a feature to Quickmap to allow you to automatically update Quickmap when a new version is available by selecting Software Updates from the Help menu in Quickmap. This is the easiest way for you to keep Quickmap software up-to-date. We also recommend you start using DataDownloadManager to automatically keep Quickmap data up-to-date.

Software changes in July include:

  • A bug was fixed which caused Survey Plans to be incorrectly reported as out-of-date.
  • The tab order in the Survey Plan form was fixed.
  • The Quickmap Detailed Property Report was changed to display a single View Plans button which displays the Survey Plan search form rather than one button per plan.
    Note: The Survey Plan Search form is also displayed when you click the Plans button on the Quickmap toolbar.

Street Address Search

The data update this month fixes a problem in the street address search that made it difficult to find addresses on long roads in cities such as 101 Colombo Street (Christchurch) because the road name list in the address search form included the suburb. For example, prior to this data update, the address search would list:

  • 101 Colombo Street (Beckenham, Christchurch)
  • 101 Colombo Street (Cashmere, Christchurch)
  • 101 Colombo Street (Christchurch Central, Christchurch)
  • 101 Colombo Street (St Albans, Christchurch)
  • 101 Colombo Street (Sydenham, Christchurch)

As there is only one Colombo street in Christchurch, the address search now displays just one street:

  • 101 Colombo Street (Christchurch)

This address search problem was originally fixed in November 2017, and re-introduced when a fix was made for rural properties such as 20 Skippers Road, Opiti Bay. We welcome any feedback you have if you still find it difficult to find your property using the address search after this change.

Quickmap Speed

One of the changes made to Quickmap last year was to make it about 3 times faster. However, we have noticed that Quickmap is running slower than we would expect for a small number of clients. This occurs when the user has been using Quickmap for many years, and has added their own data to Quickmap. To fix this problem, we recommend you:

  1. Run Quickmap and select Tools -> Diagnose/Repair -> Repair Quickmap from the menu. This will display a Confirm Layer Deletion form, and you should tick the Remove check box for all layers listed.
  2. Run Quickmap and select Tools -> Diagnose/Repair -> Compact Database and tick the Layer check box for all layers in the list. This option requires exclusive access to the layers/databases selected, so if any database in the list is on a shared network drive used by other Quickmap users, the other users will need to close Quickmap before you do this.

Prover with Quickmap

It’s pleasing to see how many people have continued to use Prover after level 4 lockdown for Covid19 was dropped. Prover provides access to most of the data available in Quickmap from a web browser on your PC, tablet or phone, and this enabled people to continue working from home where access to their work computer was not possible.

For most people with Quickmap, complimentary access to Prover is free.

To find out if you are eligible for free access to Prover, email support@quickmap.co.nz with your Quickmap registration key or other details that will help us find you in our system.

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