July 2024 Update

We’re half way through the year and half way through Winter so we’re past due for an update; in fact, the Winter Solstice was Friday the 21st of June, which means that evenings have been getting lighter for each day that passes since then.

So, What’s New?

We’ve been quietly making lots of changes to our online systems (Premise and Prover), including these enhancements:

  • Improvements to printing – You can now print Custom Layers
  • Enabling users to set the map to a specific scale
  • You can now search for Place Names
  • You can also export your custom layers
  • Properties can now be highlighted with a border rather than shading them
  • You are no longer prompted for an address when searching on Legal Description

We have also fixed these bugs in Prover and Premise:

  • Place names are no longer hidden while zooming
  • You can now select one property where multiple properties are returned from a search
  • Printing now works for all visible layers. Previously some layers did not print
  • We’ve fixed issues associated with setting the map scale by clicking on Menu -> Map Scale or clicking on the scale bar displayed at the bottom left of the map
  • We’ve improved the display on phones and tablets

We’ve made a bunch of performance and reliability improvements, but mostly we’ve got through a long list of bug-fixes that you’ve been asking us to fix so the system feels that much nicer to use.

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