June 2020 Update

The latest Quickmap Version 8.3.7445 is freely available for download from: http://downloads.quickmap.co.nz/URLDownloadHost/downloads/QmapV8_software

Quickmap version 8.3.7445 changes

The latest release of Quickmap includes these minor bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevents saving new themes.
  • Changed the folder under Tools->Diagnose Repair->Change Data Directory to save the path as a UNC path to avoid potential problems with data downloads.
  • Prevented the splash screen from hiding the prompt to exit Quickmap when a second instance of Quickmap is run.

Complimentary access to Prover

We will continue to offer complementary logins to Prover for Quickmap customers during this pandemic, until the 30th of June 2020.

A lot of people have taken up our complimentary Prover offer, and it’s interesting that most have indicated they will continue to use Prover after they are allowed back into the office. Most people intend to use both Quickmap and Prover, but a small number have indicated they only need Prover in the future, despite the fact they can have both Quickmap and Prover for around the same price.

If you are not familiar with Prover, it is a web based product that can be used on any internet enabled device. It displays up to date property data (managed by us), including but not limited to:

  • Free survey plans
  • Survey mark and vector data
  • Free title preview and document ordering
  • Orthographically correct aerial photography

See these links for more information on Prover and Quickmap vs. Prover or contact us to get your free copy.

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