March 2020 Update

The latest Quickmap Version 8.3.7339 is freely available for download from:

Free Downloads

The free downloads available in Quickmap version 8.3 (accessed by clicking Downloads from the Tools menu) have proven very popular. The most popular of which is the Building Outlines, followed by the School Zones.

School Zones have been updated since they were initially made available, and a new download has been added to the list of available downloads, which is Historic Owners. The Historic Owners download allows searching of Private and Corporate property owners dating back to 2000-2002.

As previously mentioned, Downloads are available by clicking Downloads from the Tools menu in Quickmap version 8.3 or above. If you haven’t upgraded to version 8.3 (which is a free upgrade), but want to take a look at what free downloads are available via Quickmap 8.3, you can see a full list here.

Discounted Aerial Photography

We have reduced the price of our high resolution aerial photography. You can now buy aerial photography of the whole of New Zealand for the same price that one island used to be, which is $300. That’s a saving of $100 for the whole of NZ.

Only need aerial photography for one island?

If you’re reading this and thinking “But I only need one island”, there’s good news because we’ve also reduced the price per island. Aerial photography now only costs $250 per island, a saving of $50.

*All prices listed exclude GST.

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