May 2021 Update

The May 2021 data update includes changes to Geodetic control survey marks, an update to Quickmap software and an update to Data Download Manager.

Changes To Geodetic Control

Geodetic control is now sourced from rather than because LINZ have stopped updating

The only visible change in Quickmap (triggered by this change) is the Mark attributes now have more meaningful names in places. For example, code is now called Geodetic code.

We have also removed all NZGD 1949 marks where they have been replaced with NZGD 2000. It’s likely the remaining handful of NZGD 1949 marks are either decommissioned, or possibly replaced, but we were unable to confirm whether or not that has happened.

Quickmap layers effected under the Geodetic group are:

  • 3rd Order
  • 4th Order
  • 4th, 5th Order
  • 5th Order
  • 6th Order
  • Other Marks
  • Zero 1st, 2nd

Quickmap layers effected under the Survey group are:

  • Mark NZGD1949 1-3
  • Mark NZGD1949 4-9
  • Mark NZGD2000 0-3

These changes will come into effect when you do your normal, regular data update. No additional software is required for these changes.

Data Download Manager Update

Data Download Manager allows you to keep Quickmap data up-to-date without having to manually download and install the data.

We have had a handful of clients who could not use Data Download Manager because it was blocked by their firewall. The latest version of Data Download Manager now supports HTTP protocol, which makes it far less likely to be blocked by firewalls.

The new Data Download Manager can be downloaded from

Note: if you are already using Data Download Manager, and wish to upgrade to the latest version, you should install the new version without uninstalling the old version first, because uninstalling the old version will remove reference to the Quickmap Data directory from the registry.

If you have uninstalled, you can put the reference in the registry back by running Quickmap then selecting Diagnose/Repair -> Change Data Directory from the Tools menu.

The Data Download Manager now also supports automatically copying Quickmap data from your server to stand alone PC’s. This allows you to reduce your download traffic by downloading from to your server, then using the server as a download source for Data Download Manager to update other stand-alone PC’s that have a local install of Quickmap data.

Quickmap Software Update

The latest Quickmap version 8.4.7776 can be downloaded from and includes these changes:

  • A bug was fixed in the DXF export that caused appellation and parcel area to appear on one line separated by the ‘|’ character. The appellation and area now display on separate lines, and the ‘|’ character has been removed
  • A bug was fixed in DXF export that caused spurious lines to appear when exporting Multi-Polygons
  • The last Save to Layer is now remembered after Quickmap is closed and re-opened. This Save to Layer appears when you click the Add button and choose a layer you have created in the pull down list box next to the Save to Layer label.
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