November 2019 Update

Quickmap Version 8.2.7246 was released 4-Nov-2019 and includes the following changes:

  • Add ability to export selected parcel(s) in KML without an opaque background, for viewing in Google Earth.
  • Add Save points as parcels checkbox to Choose Destination Layer The Choose Destination Layer form is displayed by right mouse clicking on the map, and selecting Copy Selected Objects to.. from the menu. This functionality will, for example, allow you to convert all your job numbers from points to parcels.
  • Change the Info window report generated when a feature is selected from the Road Polygon layer or the Road layer so that information from both layers are combined into 1 report.
  • Allow the option of creating new themes under the Theme menu, rather than Themes -> My Theme This option is in the form displayed when you select Save as new Theme off the Theme menu in Quickmap.

See Quickmap Version 8 release for details of all enhancements.

Quickmap Version 8.2.7246 is freely available for download from:

Coming Soon

Additional layers such as Building Outlines, Council Zones, land use, and census maps will be made freely available via a download. A Downloads menu option will be added to Quickmap to make it easy for you to access and install these downloads.

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