November 2021 Update

We’ve been working hard to improve the aerial photography and have managed to update around 30% of the country with new high resolution photography. This update to is now available for purchase at $250.00 + GST per Island, or $300.00 + GST for the whole of NZ, or free for Prover users (we update it for you, so there’s no need for you to do anything).

The latest Quickmap software update also includes a number of significant enhancements that have been requested by Quickmap subscribers over the past 3 months.

We have also had a new member of staff join our support team and are excited to have Mark starting with us on the 3rd of November.

Quickmap Software

The latest Quickmap version 8.4.7955 can be downloaded from and includes these enhancements:

  • The address search (displayed when you click the Find button) now includes a Land District option that allows you to limit your address search to the chosen Land District. The option appears under the existing North Island and South Island radio buttons. Selecting a Land District means addresses outside your land district will not appear in your address search, saving you time by reducing irrelevant search results and reducing the chance of error.
  • Property and Sale information available on can now be viewed in Quickmap by selecting View->Show Location->In from the Quickmap menu.
  • Bearings displayed on the map when you tick the Bearings check box in the Quickmap layer control tool will now display the bearing based on the coordinate system set under the Tools->Options->Coordinate Display menu item in Quickmap.
    This enhancement will mainly be of interest to Surveyors who want to view the bearing based on what is shown on the Survey Plan.
  • You can now display more than one Label on the map for any given feature, with each label displaying on the map on a separate line.
    For example, if you have added a point feature to the Edit Layer in Quickmap and entered Lot 1 into the label, and DP 123 into the notes field, this will display on the map as:

    Lot 1

    By right mouse clicking on name Edit Layer in the layer control tool, you can select Label for Line 1: and notes for Line 2:  When this change is applied, the map will display:

    Lot 1
    DP 123

    This method can be used on any layer, including layers you have created yourself in Quickmap.

  • Minor bug fixes:
    • Quickmap Salesview no longer crashes when selecting sales off the map.
    • Arrow keys on the keyboard now panning the map.

Quickmap Aerial Photography

Around 30% of New Zealand Aerial Photography has been updated to high resolution urban and rural photography flown between 2017 and 2020.

The new coverage can be viewed at

Survey View

A data fix is included in this month’s update for Surveyors that subscribe to survey view.

Prior to this update, some Survey Plan observations would not display when you click on the View Survey Observations hyperlink.

For example, search for Survey Plan DP 540524 North Auckland then click on the View Survey Observations hyperlink in the Information window normally located on the bottom left hand side of the screen. The observations for this plan now display on the map in the November 2021 update.

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