Out Of Disk Space

After changing the Quickmap data directory to another directory, you may get this error:

Quickmap Setup

Out of disk space — Volume ‘X:\’

Required space: XXX KB
Available space: 0 KB

Free some disk space and retry.

This is a bug in Quickmap version 8.3.7402 and below. To fix this, either:

  • Upgrade to a newer version of Quickmap (at the time of writing, there is currently no fix available for this bug)
  • Edit the registry to use the full UNC path instead of the drive letter. More info on how to do this below:

From the start menu (Windows key on your computer), type regedit then right click the regedit program and run it as Administrator. Navigate to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Custom Software\Quickmap\Config\

Then edit the value of the DataDir to contain the UNC path. A UNC path is basically the full path of the shared data location. For example, if your data is stored in Q:\qmap\ and Q: represents the following folder location on a server: \\server1\folder1\, then the UNC path would be “\\server1\folder1\qmap\”.

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