Overlapping Parcel Data In Quickmap

It is possible in QuickMap to have overlapping parcels in the Parcel layer. This does not happen often, and typically happens when part of a title is cancelled due to road taking.

In this situation, LINZ create a new survey parcel for the balance parcel, but the current title still refers to the underlying historic parcel. QuickMap shows this as two overlapping parcels; one current survey parcel, and the historic survey parcel associated with the current title.

This situation can be a little confusing to look at, so this page shows you how to recognise when this has happened, and how to determine all the relevant information about it.

As at 20-Mar-09, and search in QuickMap on parcel ID 6544624 in the North Island will take you to the parcel shown below. If you click on the info tool, then click on the parcel, the parcel will be highlighted as shown below, and two parcels will appear in the QuickMap Report as:

Parcel – 6544624
Parcel – 6679561

If you click on the Parcel – 6544624 URL, it will highlight the overlapping parcel.

In this example, it can be seen the highlighted parcel overlaps Parcel – 6679561 except for the circled area. This area has been taken for road, a new survey parcel Parcel – 6544624 was created as a result, but the current title still references the underlying Parcel – 6679561.

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