Ports Used By Quickmap Applications

Here is a list of URLs, protocols and ports used by Quickmap and it’s associated programs (such as the Quickmap Data Download Manager, Software Updates and other such downloads):

downloads.quickmap.co.nz:80 (http)
downloads.quickmap.co.nz:808 (WCF)

www.quickmap.co.nz:80 (http)
www.quickmap.co.nz:443 (https)

quickmap.co.nz:80 (http)
quickmap.co.nz:443 (https)

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)

It’s worth noting that in the case of application based firewall rules, some aspects of Quickmap (such as the Quickmap License Service and the Quickmap Data Download Manager Service) use a Windows Service, which might not use the same executable (application) to perform their function as the application used to show the User Interface.

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