Quickmap Cannot Start As The Following Lock File Exists: Qmap.lck

When trying to start Quickmap, you may get this error:

Quickmap Cannot Start

Quickmap cannot start as the following lock file exists:


The file was created by SYSTEM who is in the process of updating core
Quickmap files.
The lock is automatically removed once the update process has been
successfully completed.

This file needs to be removed before Quickmap can be run.

As the error suggests, when Quickmap starts, it checks for the existance of a file called qmap.lck in the Data directory. If the file exists, Quickmap will not start. The qmap.lck file is created at the start of a data updated in order to for Quickmap to close and not open while the data is being updated. This is to avoid a running instance of Quickmap locking the data as it’s trying to be updated and corrupting the data directory.

If you get this error, it’s likely that one of two things has happened. Either a Quickmap data update is currently running and you just need to wait a few minutes for it to complete; or a Quickmap data update has gone wrong and the qmap.lck file has not been correctly deleted after the update.

Contact your administrator to see if there’s an update currently being applied. If you use the Quickmap Data Download Manager, open the software and log to see if a data update is currently happening and how long it’s been running. If your updates are done via a zip file (i.e. manually), then the update has not been done correctly by the user.

In the case of updates not having been done correctly, delete the qmap.lck file then perform another update to ensure that the data is not corrupt. If you are using the Quickmap Data Download Manager, revert to the previous data (through the software), then delete the latest data in the staging folder (this is the data download location – not your data directory!) and start a new update.

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