Quickmap Data Download Manager – LEGACY_DATADIR_ONDISK

When trying to install the Quickmap Data Download Manager, you may get this error:

Quickmap Data Updater Setup

Welcome to the Quickmap Data Updater Setup Wizard

Please wait while the Setup Wizard prepares to guild you
through the installation.

Searching for installed applications

Property: LEGACY_DATADIR_ONDISK, Signature:

In this scenario, the Quickmap Data Download Manager just hangs, then doesn’t let you proceed with the install.

This occurs because you have registered Quickmap 7, then installed Quickmap 8, which uses the Quickmap 7 registration – which is not supported by the Quickmap Data Download Manager.

To fix this, start Quickmap 8, then click Help -> Register Quickmap (or press F12) and register Quickmap. Try installing the Quickmap Data Download Manager again, and it should work after registering Quickmap 8.

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