Quickmap Data Download Manager Not Updating Overnight

If you find that the Quickmap Data Download Manager isn’t updating overnight and there’s absolutely nothing in the log for that time period, this is because your computer is either turned off, hibernating or in Sleep mode during that period.

Ensure that you are not turning off the computer with Quickmap Data Download Manager on it and that the Power Plan (found in the Control Panel -> Power Options) is not set to make the computer sleep or hibernate after X hours of inactivity (You may need to click Change plan settings).

Things to check in the power plan are that it’s not set to Sleep, Hibernate or Turn off hard disk after X minutes. Note: Setting it to zero minutes means that it will never sleep/hibernate/turn off hard disks for that setting.

Note: To change these settings you will have to be an Administrator of your PC. If you can’t change these setting, or if they revert back after some time, there may be a Group Policy that is overriding the settings, in which case you’ll have to talk to your IT team to fix this.

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